About specialty

Choose specialty "Technology of Pharmaceutical preparations "  and you are guaranteed a worthy employment!
Process engineer is a leading specialists in the development of new pharmaceuticals.

The students’ teaching

is carried out according modern curricula and educational methods, developed considering the best national and world standards of training of industrial pharmacy specialists.

Already during their studies, students are actively involved in the development
of new drugs, together with leading scientists of NUPh and chemical-pharmaceutical enterprises in Ukraine, they improve equipment and production lines.

Shaping the future specialist occurs not only on
basis of theoretical material and practical skills in  educational laboratories
but also directly in industrial conditions passing general engineering, technology and
undergraduate practice on the leading enterprises in Ukraine and abroad:
Darnitsa CJSC Pharmaceutical Company,, KievMedPreparat LLC Zdorovye LLC Pharmaceutical Company, Borschagovskiy Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant CJSC, as well as Farmak OJSC., Lekhim JSC, and others

Manufacturing activity
of future specialists in the field of Industrial Pharmacy provides:
industrial and technological, organizational and managerial functions in
production of medicines;
operation of process equipment in chemical and pharmaceutical
developing of new or improvement of existing technological
selection and implementation of new processes and modes of

 Many graduates of the specialty "Technology of Pharmaceutical
preparations " work in research institutions on developing
of medicinal substances and pharmaceutical products, as well as in
design institutions of pharmaceutical industry. Our graduates are working not
only in chemical and pharmaceutical, but also in other important areas of
national economy: microbiological, veterinary, food, farmers, processors and others.

According to the qualification characteristics of process engineer graduates are eligible to work on
enterprises of different forms of jurisdictions and property in production and realization of:
active ingredients (substances) of natural, synthetic and biotechnological origin;
finished drugs;
medical supplements and nutrients;
cosmetic, medical and perfume cosmetics;
immunological and radiopharmaceutical products, diagnostic

Initial posts of for graduates of specialty "Technology
pharmaceuticals "Qualifying process engineer are:
process engineer;
research engineer;
assistant engineer;
engineer in pre-production;
quality Engineer;
engineer of on standardization;
engineer of  implementation of new equipment and technology;
engineer of organization of production
master of production;
master of manufacturing site.