Postdoctoral and doctoral study

Executing currently


Lyapunov Oksana Alekseevna.
"Research and development of soft medicinal products containing
corticosteroids. "
Scientific consultant – prof. Chueshov V.I.

Sichkar Antonina Anatolievna.
"Development of technology of combined solid dosage medicinal
forms of anti-inflammatory and reparative action with derivatives D-(+)
-glucosamine. "
Scientific consultant – prof. Pashnev P.D.

Krutskih Tetyana Vasylivna.
"Theoretical and experimental study of technology of tablets and ointments based on substance "Altabor."

Hrubnyk Igor Mikhailovich.
"Development of soft medicines technology based on extracts of from plant raw material. "
Scientific consultant-  prof. Gladukh E.V.


Konyukhov I.V.
"Development of technology of granular dosage form with detoxification action based on natural mineral. "
Supervisor -  prof. Chueshov V.I.

Kukhtenko G.P.
Development of technology of soft medicinal form in the form of
cream with methylprednisolone atseponatom. "

Supervisor – ass. prof. A.A. Lyapunova

Serdyuk E.V.
"Development of technology and ointments based extract
bark of ash. "
Supervisor – ass. prof.   A.A. Lyapunova

Podolyanko Z.V.
"Development of capsules technology based on chloramphenicol and
amino acids with glucogene  properties. "
Supervisor – ass. prof.   A.A. Lyapunova

Marchenko M.V.
"Development of drug technology in capsule form with hypoglycemic action. "
Supervisor – ass. prof.   Krutskih T.V.

Schykovskyy O.S.
"Development of solid dosage forms technology in form of
tablets with hard soluble substances. "
Supervisor – ass. prof.   Krutskih T.V.

Hulmurodov I.S.
"Development of soft medicinal forms technology with hyssop oil ether
for the treatment of dermatological diseases. "
Supervisor –  prof. Gladukh E.V.

Kushnarev E.A.
" Development of structure, technology and research of
medical preventive preparations in the form of phytoteas"
Supervisor – prof. Gladukh E.V.

Bondarenko A.S.
" Development of herbal syrup technology for the treatment of
catarrhal diseases."
Supervisor – prof. Gladukh E.V.

Omelchenko P.S.
"Development of compose and technology of tablets with plant
extracts. "
Supervisor – prof. Gladukh E.V.

Boyko M.O.
"Development of feksuktsynal ointment technology for the treatment
diabetic dermal. "
Supervisor – prof. Gladukh E.V.

Jidkova T.N.
"Development of compose and technology of  tablets containing a vitamins
of group B. "
Supervisor – ass. prof.   Krutskih T.V.