Educational practices of NUPh


Industrial practice  is lesson given to the student by working and social life of the labor team of enterprise.  Practice, most specifically are preparing for the independent exercise of their primary duties future pharmacists, beauticians, clinical pharmacists, technologists, economists, marketers.

Remember that in a few months of practice students will come to work in the enterprises, institutions, organizations of pharmaceutical industry. The contribution of young specialists in practical pharmacy  directly dependent on their readiness to work on their theoretical mindedness and practical skills.

The practice comes from the Latin praktika – practical knowledge, skill, and is a form of education promoting the use and consolidation in practice acquired theoretical knowledge   and is an integral part of the training.

During the five years of study for practical training of students is allocated 15% of total educational time.

 Type of practice and the dates are determined by curriculum of appropriate specialty, content and sequence – by the program (the main educational-methodical document of practical training). 

The guidance document for organization and carrying out of students' practice is  "Ordinance on the practice of the National Pharmaceutical University."

Quality of  practice depends on the clear organization and interaction of different structural units of the university, the desire and the correct approach to the practice of the students, favorable attitude of practical bases.

 When conducting the practice great importance is given to the appropriate departments engaged in teaching and guidance of practice, determining the content of practice.