Correspondence Department

Tasks for correspondent students

Control tasks for self-control to classroom work

Useful information

Correspondence Department of Industrial Pharmacy NUPh
teaches discipline for students of following specialties:

Technology of pharmaceutical preparations
(educational qualification level "Specialist" and "Master").

Industrial Biotechnology.
Technology of perfumery and cosmetics.
Economy of enterprises.

Addresses NUPh

Administrative Building

str. Pushkinskaya 53.

Educational buildings

Str. Blucher 4.
Str. Melnikova 12.
Str. Pushkinskaya 27.
Str. Nevskogo 18.


Number 1 Av. 50 years of VLKSM, 4.
Number 2 Str. Timurovtsev 35.
Number 3 Str. Timurovtsev 11a.
Number 4 Str. Timurovtsev 11b.