Training and providing of society by high-qualified specialists in industrial pharmacy field, who will be competitive on the labor market,   by providing of educational programs based on state standards, and also organization and implementation of research projects that fit to the profile of Department.

Main tasks of the Department pedagogical staff

Preparing of high- qualificated specialists and masters, postgraduated and doctoral students with practical focus of activity on the work in different fields of pharmaceutical sector, which will be competitive on the labor market, development of creative, spiritual and physical abilities of a person, forming of strong basis of morality and healthy lifestyle.

The main principles of quality are

Focusing on the needs of labor and innovation market, mobility of activities and adaptation to changing conditions

providing of high quality in all fields of activities,
competency and collegiality in decision-making,  

openess in all areas.

High competitiveness of graduates in the labor market and
high demand of the Departments’ innovation are the main
criteria of the effectiveness of policies in the field of quality.
At the Department is provided continuous improvement of the quality of
scientific, educational and innovation processes,
which is based:
on regalia trainings for the scientific and pedagogical
on creation and introduction of new training technologies,
based on increasing the proportion of students’ independent work
forming  their  high motivation to master knowledge;
on the continuous generation of knowledge, scientific and methodical
search, using creative innovation approach.